Help us become part of history...YOURS.

Help us become part of history...YOURS.

Help us become part of history...YOURS.Help us become part of history...YOURS.

About Us

Where it all began



The inspiration for the Pauri & Casati brand was born almost by chance while taking a stroll down the alleys of Rome during the early lights of dawn. It was then, before the city awoke and its incredible history, charm, and colors, became obscured by the noises of life, that we felt the emotions this beautiful panorama, absent of distractions, elicited. There we realized  that quality and true beauty will survive the tests of time. At that moment we both felt, almost simultaneously, a spontaneous calling to emulate, the feats of those who have built and adorned, with their art, in all its forms, this beautiful Italy, and to transmit the sensations that are felt in the face of these masterpieces to whomever would want to share in them. From there, with a touch of envy our desire to express ourselves came to be, choosing fashion as the medium, we wanted to create a brand entirely and exclusively Made in Italy. With the intent to create a piece of art of unrivaled quality and rare beauty that the entire world may admire and wear, and in doing so, making our shirts become a part of history...YOURS.

What we do

  Pauri & Casati is an Italian manufacturer of men's apparel, using the finest materials and the best manufacturing processes. All of our goods are 100% Made in Italy. Some of the products we currently produce are: Sport Coats, Dress Shirts, Casual Shirts, Polos, Sweaters, Ties, and Belts.

Regain Control of your inventory...Order what you need, as you need it.

We have organized our manufacturing process to help you control your inventory and minimize your financial exposure. Imagine not having to commit to buy your entire stock for the season at once, 6 months in advance. With Pauri & Casati you will be able to choose your fabric and order, what you need when you need it, and have it in your store within 40 business days, any time of the year.

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